The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy

The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Into the Unknown

My Work in Progress (WIP) is complete, and the next question is what to do with it. It's technically long enough to be a novel, at just under 65,000 words. The trouble is that while it widens the story arc, it doesn't extend it particularly. It might work as a part one of a piece I wrote last November that does extend the story arc.

The other alternative is the fact that my publisher was supposed to have released the first volume before now. It's possible, I suppose, that they've found other projects more worthy of their time and effort. Still, I'm going to keep the faith and not pull the plug at this time. Who knows? Something might actually happen. If it does fall apart, one possibility would be to combine this story as a subplot within the main story line.

My fate may be to have written a number of books that are never read by anyone. That alone might work as the plot for a story.