The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy

The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Keeping On Keeping On

Sales of "The LaGrange Legacy" were pretty good in July. Then, in August, sales slowed to about half of July's, and September has already equaled August. The really interesting thing is where these sales happened.

July 4, there was an event called "Art in the Park" in Alma, Nebraska, my county seat with a population of a bit over 1,000. The town has a parade, followed by vendors in the park along with food and a good time. I set up a table and sold enough books to pay for the fee and mileage. Then, every Saturday Alma has a farmer's market. I gave it a shot the following Saturday, and have ended by selling more books at the farmer's market than any other venue.

It will go until October 1, which if the temperatures in the 30's tonight are any indication, will be about as long as I'll care to be there.

At the same time, I'm editing a second novel. This is an apocalyptic story, with a working title of "Surviving Omega." It could be said to be a cowboys and cannibals piece, conceived long before the Cowboys and Aliens movie which I've yet to see.

In my appropriate free time, between times when I'm feeding horses, I have a WIP (Work in Process) of a mystery story. The writing on this one, tentatively titled "Continuity," is going much more slowly.

Meanwhile, the thing to do, it seems, is to keep on keeping on. Hopefully the trail will lead to tall grass and cool flowing water.