The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy

The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Definition of Insanity

Insanity, according to many, is continuing to do the same thing, expecting that somehow a different outcome will result. If that's the case, writing novels must qualify as insanity, as getting anything back financially happens but rarely.

So whoever is in charge of such things should reserve a rubber room for me, for I am now over 10,000 words into my second novel. There are differences, though. Where my first novel literally defies anyone to find a genre defining it, this one is pretty straight-forward.

It is post-apocalyptic, with the book detailing how mankind arrived at that point. The survivors are not in a city, but are quite rural, and are trying to keep going in spite of the rest of the planet dissolving.

This time, I'm looking at an e-Book to start, only spending money on publishing a physical book if it seems worthwhile. Also, I'm considering the need for pre-publication marketing.

If the new book generates sufficient readership, my hope is that some will then decide The LaGrange Legacy might actually be worth a try. If not, perhaps I can find happiness in insanity.