The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy

The End - Coming in March. The LaGrange Legacy
Available at CreateSpace and Amazon

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Big Week Coming for The LaGrange Legacy

Tuesday, I go on local TV promoting The LaGrange Legacy. Friday is my official dedication and presentation. The two local newspapers tell me they'll be there. It feels like things are looking up.

Speaking of things looking up, there are now two reviews on Amazon, both giving the book five stars. There's also a great review on Barnes & Noble.

Thoughts of the book are now inextricably related to the number of readers. Telling myself that my worth is not related to books sold seems logical. It appears, however, that my claims of being a rational creature only lasted until that ego-creature showed up. So there's nothing for it but to get my smiling face in front of TV cameras (I hope the lenses don't break) and potential readership, and see if I can sell my first-born novel.

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